2014 – Artistic director: Giancarlo Biffi, Cada die teatro (Italy)

In every place we will focus on a specific tale of this adventurous homecoming story and then, inspired and stimulated by this we will gather other stories.

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Each stop, an encounter, each encounter, a story about being what one really is so as to achieve even for just a single moment that desired human community, free from borders and flags.

Telling tales in order to collect stories.

Every disembarkation will be for us a challenge to confront along with a story to interpret just as it is for Odysseus.

On each of our stops we shall recount an episode of the Odyssey and then have participants of the host country tell us about similar events deriving from their history, oral tradition or literature. Of course we will welcome at the same time modern narratives that might occur, inspired by these tales and provoked by the issues that come with them.

Seven berths for seven episodes. The landing :

Russia / St.Petersburg

Finland / Hanko

Estonia / Tallinn

Poland / Opole

Czech Republic / Prague

Denmark / Copenhagen

Finland / Helsinki

Seven episodes for seven landings. The episodes :

The Land of the Lotus Eaters / The island of the Cyclops

The island or Eolia

The land of Lestrigoni

The island EEA or the sorceress Circe

House of Hades

Island Trinachia

Isle of Ogygia

2015 – Artistic director: Tatyana Priyatkina, Skorohod (Russia)


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