Instants / Workshops

Locally created actions linked to both Main Productions and Workshops. Instants are unique performances combining the Odyssey and the local context into short performances that will be different at every stop of the tour.
Can be performed on the ship, in a venue or in the street.
The instant performances together with the workshops are the «laboratory» of the project.

Tour 2014 - Artistic Director : Giancarlo Biffi from Cada Die Teatro, Italy
Tour 2015 - Artistic Director : Tanya Priyatkina from Skorohod Platform, Russia
Tour 2016 - 3 Artistic Directions

Artistic director: Michele Losi, Scarlattine Teatro (Italy)

1. Instant 2016 – Leros



2. Instant 2016 – Lesvos


Artistic director: Euripides Laskaridis (Greece)

3. Instant 2016 – Elefsina

Dramaturgy collaborator: Aspasia-Maria Alexiou
Artistic advisor: Alexandros Mistriotis
Video: Stelios Keramidas – Dimitris Triandafyllou
Editing: Dimitris Triandafyllou

In collaboration with the Eleusis’ Asia Minor association
and Dr Georgia Yiagtzoglou Antoniadou

At the 1922 refugees neighborhood of Elefsina called SYNOIKISMOS, the descendants of the refugees and the current inhabitants, spoke to us about their saints, the miracles, the nostalgic stories from Asia Minor and they sang songs from Smyrni as we strolled the streets with them. A walk designed by OSMOSIS for the European project “Meeting the Odyssey” presented by Eleusis 2021.

With the participation of the following Eleusis’ residents: Ευγενία Αντωνάρα-Τσολάκη, Βούλα Γέμελα-Καλασκάνη, Μιχάλης Γέμελας, Γεωργία Γιαγτζόγλου-Αντωνιάδου, Βαγγέλης Γκίνης, Βέρα Γκιόκα, Ελένη Κάιλα-Γκουτζέλη, Μαρία Καλαμαρά, Μανώλης Καλαμαράς, Φρόσω Καρακίτσου, Ευαγγελία Κατσούρη, Νίτσα Κορογιαννάκη, Σάρα Μιχαήλου, Καίτη Μυτιληνάκη, Νίκος Ναβρούσογλου, Στέλλα Ναβρούσογλου, Σίμος Νεκταρίδης, Ευαγγελία Παπαδοπούλου, Γιώργος Σκιάνης, Γκιλουζάρ Σουλεϊμάνογλου, Βασιλική Σφήκα-Τώρου, Ευαγγελία Ταγκαδιάδη, Μαρία Ταγκαδιάδη, Μίμης Ταγκαδιάδης, Φώφη Ταγκαδιάδη-Χαιρέτη, Βαγγέλης Τσακίρογλου, Πέγκυ Τσολακάκη, Μουσταφά Χατζή, Μοχάμεντ Χατζή, Νίκος Χατζηαντωνίου, Μαρία Χονδρονικόλα-Λάσκου

Artistic directors: Peter Kirk and Emil Hansen, Asterions Hus (Denmark)

4. Instant 2016 – Skyros


5. Instant 2016 – Ikaria


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