Instants / Workshops

Locally created actions linked to both Main Productions and Workshops. Instants are unique performances combining the Odyssey and the local context into short performances that will be different at every stop of the tour.
Can be performed on the ship, in a venue or in the street.
The instant performances together with the workshops are the «laboratory» of the project.

Tour 2014 - Artistic Director : Giancarlo Biffi from Cada Die Teatro, Italy

Artistic director: Giancarlo Biffi, Cada die teatro (Italy)

In every place we will focus on a specific tale of this adventurous homecoming story and then, inspired and stimulated by this we will gather other stories.
Each stop, an encounter, each encounter, a story about being what one really is so as to achieve even for just a single moment that desired human community, free from borders and flags.

Telling tales in order to collect stories.

Every disembarkation will be for us a challenge to confront along with a story to interpret just as it is for Odysseus.

On each of our stops we shall recount an episode of the Odyssey and then have participants of the host country tell us about similar events deriving from their history, oral tradition or literature. Of course we will welcome at the same time modern narratives that might occur, inspired by these tales and provoked by the issues that come with them.
Seven berths for seven episodes. The landing :

Russia / St.Petersburg

Finland / Hanko

Estonia / Tallinn

Poland / Opole

Czech Republic / Prague

Denmark / Copenhagen

Finland / Helsinki

Seven episodes for seven landings. The episodes :

The Land of the Lotus Eaters / The island of the Cyclops

The island or Eolia

The land of Lestrigoni

The island EEA or the sorceress Circe

House of Hades

Island Trinachia

Isle of Ogygia

Instant 2014 – St Petersburg

Instant 2014 – Berlin

Instant 2014 – Prague

Instant 2014 – Helsinki

Instant 2014 – Copenhaguen

Tour 2015 - Artistic Director : Tanya Priyatkina from Skorohod Platform, Russia

Artistic director: Tatiana Priyatkina-Weinstein, Skorohod Platform (Russia)

Tatiana Priyatkina-Weinstein
Robert Kock
Kaisa Salmi

In collaboration with theatres and festivals in Italy, Malta and France

Instant performances are a part of the artists’ social work within the project “Meeting the Odyssey”. The purpose of the instant is to create site-specific performances with participation of local professionals and amateurs. The performances are based on the texts by Homer in one way or another. That is why every performance within the project is unique.

In the 2015 season local art groups were offered three different topics associated with the Odyssey text and touching upon the most critical social issues. Such as:
1. Immigration. Being incredibly important for the Mediterranean region today, this topic emerged on purpose: in the Odyssey there is a fragment where Odysseus talks to his friends who went to the Under World and became the shadows of themselves. Something similar happens to migrants: moving from one country to another they do not just change their place of residence, living conditions, climate; they change everything: environment and biochemistry. They almost die and come back to life. Eventually, they become the shadows of themselves. They seem like ghosts to all their friends and acquaintances.
2. Victim-blaming. In the public conscience the woman is often the provocateur of the violence; if a man commits an act of violence, the woman is often to blame either because her dress was too revealing, or she was too inviting or defiant. The shift of emphasis from offender to victim in the modern feminist discourse is called the victim-blaming. This issue is much more widespread than we think. In the Odyssey there is a myth reflecting this practice. This is the myth about the Sirens, sweet-voiced sea maidens, who sang so beautifully that men could not regain presence of mind and threw themselves into arms of these maidens.
3. The last topic is touched upon in the Odyssey only a little, but it is very significant for us today. This is the issue of Addiction. In the Odyssey Homer makes a casual mention to the the Lotophagi (or the Lotus-eaters), people who ate only lotuses and needed nothing else. Today we encounter with lots of addictions: Internet, games, fast food, and quite concrete narcotic/alcoholic substances.

Every local group of artists working with amateurs has been offered to choose the most relevant issue for them and for their region. Then we choose the form of work: it is either the collection of documentary material, interviews for subsequent detailed work on stories in the verbatim technique; or search of other means of expression in order to fully cover the chosen topic. As many local companies working with the instants are oriented at work with visual solutions, choreography and street actions, many performances are made using these aesthetics/ methods.

Part of the works in 2015 will be performed in co-authorship with composer Robert Kock; part will be co-designed by Kaisa Salmi; and that will also define the orientation of the works.

A few words on the concrete projects :

1. Instant 2015 – Milan

Work with theatres delle Moire and Qui e Ora. This performance is based on dancing and tells about the objectification of women. The Working group consists of two different companies: one of them (delle Moire) is oriented towards movement, while the other one, Qui e Ora, is more dramatic and textual, word-oriented. The Performance will also consist of two complementary parts: texts sampled with music and choreographic duet composition developing simultaneously, in parallel with each other. All duets will be structured in a unified manner: one of the partners will be the subject of movement, manipulator, conditionally, a man, the other partner is the object of manipulation, conditionally, a woman. The Texts will announce stereotypes of the role of a woman in the society, the role of the victim in the act of violence. All the texts will contain real quotations collected from various web-sources.

2. Instant 2015 – Campsirago

Intimate performance on addiction combines music, text and amazing objects made by the local puppet theatre. (This is a pure site-specific performance.) Combination of impalpable landscapes, a tiny courtyard and enormous mountain panorama urges us to work with the same contrasts in the performance: huge cardboard masks of “addictions” and little vulnerable bodies of “addicts”-puppets, whisper of texts-confessions and thunderous music.

3. Instant 2015 – Cernobbio

Promenade performance on the migration issue. This performance will have more allusions to the Odyssey itself than the rest, because, in fact, it is the sequence of micro performances of different styles and meaning, connected into one narration only by the presence of the spectator. And the Odyssey by itself is a patchwork of myths and facts united only in the mind of the reader/listener. The work will be focused on the physical sensation of a migrant, on the lost tradition of hospitality, on the theme of nostalgia, on everything that can help to fully cover the theme of migration, showing both points of view: local residents and migrants. Oriented to the language familiar to the local artists, the performance will be directed towards the poetical and allegorical site-specific theatre.

4. Instant 2015 – Malta

Short performance about the transformation of the addiction objects. A group of elderly people and teenagers will speak, based on the documentary texts, about the transformation of the addiction objects, while the issue itself remains unchanged. The performance will be formed by the music – two groups of different age will make their own little music-band.

5. Instant 2015 – Sardinia

Discreet exquisite performance combining work with natural materials, salt, milk and mud, and texts.


6. Instant 2015 – Sète

Performance devoted to the topic of victim-blaming will take place on the port quay. The work is based on the inversion – women perform male roles and vice versa. The spectators’ distant position, i.e. off the boat, pushes us to a certain way of existence, street theatre, open-air, grotesque. Texts are screamed into megaphone. Falling down and jumping rapists. In vulgar or laughter culture it was exactly violence, death and policy that were the objects of satire and parody. So, by choosing such an issue and such a location, we inevitably come up with this style of the performance – laughter through tears.

7. Instant 2015 – Florence

Castiglioncello, Italy, September 2015
Created by Tanya Weinstein and Kaisa Salmi.

Promenade performance finishing in the yard of the Dutch library (biblioteca dell’ istituto olandese di storia dell’ arte). This is the final instant of the long tour of 2015 Meeting the Odyssey, and it will include elements of all kinds and hopefully a connotation or celebration of the formerly created Instants through the Mediterranean!


(с) Tatiana Priyatkina-Weinstein


Tatiana Priyatkina-Weinstein
Born 1982 in St. Petersburg, Russia. She studied contemporary dance choreography at the Vaganova Ballet Acadoemy and graduated from the class of N. P. Naumov at the St. Petersburg State Theatrical Academy in 2008, having acquired a degree of stage director of puppet theatre. Since then she has been actively staging performances both in Russia and abroad, tutoring and participating in art festivals. Tatiana Priyatkina-Weinstein is a co-founder and creative director of the Skorohod venue as well as the International Theatrical Centre “Lyogkiye Lyudi”. She is a member of the Drama Instructors Guild and Stage Directors Guild.
Kaisa Salmi
Kaisa Salmi (born 1968) is a Finnish community, environmental and spatial artist who is completing her doctoral thesis in contemporary art at Aalto University. Salmi is known for e.g. large-scale and eye-catching environmental art works, such as her huge arrangement of gerbera daisies on the Parliament steps in Helsinki and at Turku cathedral, the huge “plastic avalanche” sculpture that was made out of plastic waste and installed in front of Kamppi shopping centre in central Helsinki, and ”Fellman’s field”, which was a large performance involving 10,000 participants in the town of Lahti. Kaisa Salmi has designed set, light and videos for around 30 dance, opera and theatre productions. Salmi’s work has been recognized with a number of awards and she was chosen to be the Finnish Institute’s Finnish artist in Estonia in 2011.
Robert Kock
Born 1977 in Espoo, Finland. Graduated from the Theater Academy in Helsinki 2005. He has worked as an actor, musician and composer at many theatres in Finland. Notable works as a composer would include “Idiots according to Dostoevsky”, “Två kön är ett för mycket” in 2007 and “Das fliegende spektakel” with the music-theatre group Fisches Nachtgesang, as well as “Memories for Life” (the first production within Meeting the Odyssey) and other plays at Viirus. Robert Kock plays several instruments, but the guitar is his main instrument.
Tour 2016 - 3 Artistic Director: Michele Losi from Scarlattine Teatro, Italy

Artistic direction: Michele Losi, Scarlattine Teatro (Italy)

1. Instant 2016 – Leros

2. Instant 2016 – Lesvos

Artistic director: Euripides Laskaridis (Greece)

3. Instant 2016 – Elefsina

Dramaturgy collaborator: Aspasia-Maria Alexiou
Artistic advisor: Alexandros Mistriotis
Video: Stelios Keramidas – Dimitris Triandafyllou
Editing: Dimitris Triandafyllou

In collaboration with the Eleusis’ Asia Minor association
and Dr Georgia Yiagtzoglou Antoniadou

At the 1922 refugees neighborhood of Elefsina called SYNOIKISMOS, the descendants of the refugees and the current inhabitants, spoke to us about their saints, the miracles, the nostalgic stories from Asia Minor and they sang songs from Smyrni as we strolled the streets with them. A walk designed by OSMOSIS for the European project “Meeting the Odyssey” presented by Eleusis 2021.

With the participation of the following Eleusis’ residents: Ευγενία Αντωνάρα-Τσολάκη, Βούλα Γέμελα-Καλασκάνη, Μιχάλης Γέμελας, Γεωργία Γιαγτζόγλου-Αντωνιάδου, Βαγγέλης Γκίνης, Βέρα Γκιόκα, Ελένη Κάιλα-Γκουτζέλη, Μαρία Καλαμαρά, Μανώλης Καλαμαράς, Φρόσω Καρακίτσου, Ευαγγελία Κατσούρη, Νίτσα Κορογιαννάκη, Σάρα Μιχαήλου, Καίτη Μυτιληνάκη, Νίκος Ναβρούσογλου, Στέλλα Ναβρούσογλου, Σίμος Νεκταρίδης, Ευαγγελία Παπαδοπούλου, Γιώργος Σκιάνης, Γκιλουζάρ Σουλεϊμάνογλου, Βασιλική Σφήκα-Τώρου, Ευαγγελία Ταγκαδιάδη, Μαρία Ταγκαδιάδη, Μίμης Ταγκαδιάδης, Φώφη Ταγκαδιάδη-Χαιρέτη, Βαγγέλης Τσακίρογλου, Πέγκυ Τσολακάκη, Μουσταφά Χατζή, Μοχάμεντ Χατζή, Νίκος Χατζηαντωνίου, Μαρία Χονδρονικόλα-Λάσκου

Artistic directors: Peter Kirk and Emil Hansen, Asterions Hus (Denmark)

4. Instant 2016 – Skyros

5. Instant 2016 – Ikaria

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