Days in Leros


Days in Leros are passing by in a good artistic mood. A beautiful week with artist working and sharing art in a magic and calm island will continue with today first show of Memories for life performance.




I feel enthusiastic and full of expectacions.
After the midnight reahearsal everyone on the ship woke up with happy faces and a bit tired bodies. When I looked out of the cabin Mr. Oskar was making a lovely breakfast .
The smell of fresh coffe pushed me out of bed and probably also the others. Breakfast gave us time to talk and know something new from Matilda, Michele and Sofia about activities in camps and others things around. It is nice to hear people tell stories and explaing feelings with expressions of we are doing right job and things in right time.
The day started and all artist and people from team Meeting the Odyssey were spread out to follow the plan of giving an artistic message to Leros island.
Some of us rested on the beach, specially performers of MFL. Preparing for the first evening performance in Greece.
The Italians worked with kids and went to the refugee camp. Hoppet is resting in the harbor. The crew and the captain was fixing details for next sailing to Lesvos.
Many activities are happening in the same time and it is just great to be part of it.
Half of the day is over and right on time we had lunch in El Greco where we hear some news and plans from Matilda. Plans sound cool. Food came and looked tasty and fresh. I was next to Michele togheter making some jokes about spaghetti “italians”. A huge table of creative artist again have  the chance to share some experiences and have some fun all together also. Lunch is over and we are finally ready to focus on tonight’s performance in the beautiful space. I look forward to see local audience reactions.
What another magic and peaceful day with Meeting the Odyssey project.


Radoslav Piovarci

performer, Memories for Life

Radoslav Piovarci

Radoslav Piovarci

performer in Memories for Life at ProFitArt Company
Born 1992. Piovarci graduated from the Konzervatorium J.L.Bella 2005-2010 as a dancer and performer. He has worked at the Staatstheatre Kassel (Germany 2010) and elledanse (Slovakia 2011-2014) and he is a member of the Lenka Vágnerová & company since 2012.
Radoslav Piovarci

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