Wild is the Wind

We should obey the nature.
Stuck in Ikaria… because of the wind. It’s really different but very healthy to now, at least for a breaf moment live in a reality where the nature actually defines and pushes our limits.
Nature is wild. Timeless. It sets the rules of time. It changes our plans. Our planned schedules. Nature should be respected. We should obey it. Be a part of it, not rule it, control it, destroy it. We humans. The enemy of nature. We are abusing our position as creatures on top of the food chain. That position should include great responsibility and care. And love. Of the life “beneath us”. Sometimes I just don’t understand the stupidity and greed of humans. Who do we think we are? We are not alone on this planet, why do we behave like we would rule the world?

This isn’t farewell, it’s a see you soon!
Sitting on a ferry from the island of Tinos to the Greek mainland. Why? Well well… because wild is the wind, once again! Two days ago we left the island of Lesvos, after having a good performance of “Memories for Life” outside the castle in Mitilini. The whole departure day we enjoyed the beautiful sea and sun and the sense of calmness and freedom. Then, late in the evening came the waves, and they were proper size, sleeping wasn’t an option, I woke up all the time by the waves that tried to throw me out of my bed. 3.30 am I had a cigarrette on deck and then I saw the dolphins:) And a couple of hours later I saw some more, and got a nice refreshing sea-shower when I went to the front of the boat to see them jumping. For me it’s incredible to see dolphins, I feel that I witness something really special and even unreal and I get really happy.
So the night turned into morning and day and the waves calmed down but then came the wind, wind like I’ve never experienced before, wind that made it impossible for us to continue to Lavrio or to go into the closest harbour, of the island of Tinos. So we stayed all day outside the island of Tinos, at times in anchor and at times just circlering around. At one point Ain, our hero captain tried to continue the journey but he gave up quite soon, the weather was too bad. Finally, in the evening the port of Tinos welcomed us to come into the harbour and Ain was skilled and brave enough to do the “parking”. The excitement and gratefullness that we all felt once Hoppet was tied to the pier was amazing. I was also so happy to be on solid ground, can’t even begin to understand the life of the seamen…So then on land we had a nice dinner in Tinos and a good nights sleep. In the morning we had to make the sad decision to leave the crew and Hoppet in Tinos, in order to make it to Lavrio in time, we have a performance there in two days and because the weatherforecast didn’t look optimistic we had to jump on the ferry instead. It was really unfortunate to have to stop the Hoppet-journey all of a sudden, both the boat and the crew are so dear to us but the fact is that our primary task on this tour is to perform, so that has to be the priority. And fortunately we will see Hoppet and the crew again in a few days in Elefsina, so this isn’t farewell, it’s a see you soon!

“Wild Is The Wind”

“Love me, love me, love me, say you do
Let me fly away with you
For my love is like the wind, and wild is the wind
Wild is the wind
Give me more than one caress, satisfy this hungriness
Let the wind blow through your heart
For wild is the wind, wild is the wind

You touch me,
I hear the sound of mandolins
You kiss me
With your kiss my life begins
You’re spring to me, all things to me
Don’t you know, you’re life itself!

Like the leaf clings to the tree,
Oh, my darling, cling to me
For we’re like creatures of the wind, and wild is the wind
Wild is the wind

Like the leaf clings to the tree,
Oh, my darling, cling to me
For we’re like creatures in the wind, and wild is the wind
Wild is the wind”

Maria Ahlroth

Maria Ahlroth

performer in Memories for Lifeperformer in Memories for Lifeperformer in Memories for Lifeperformer in Memories for Lifeperformer in Memories for Life at Viirus Theatre
Born 1982. Maria Ahlroth graduated from the Theatre Academy in Helsinki in 2005. She founded a theatre group called Teater 90°, together with her former classmates from the academy. She freelanced as an actor in various theatres in Helsinki and also worked in several productions in Åbo Svenska Teater, in Turku. She was also part of a co-production in Von Kraahl theatre in Tallinn. In 2011 she became a part of the new ensemble at the Viirus Theatre, where she is still employed.
Maria Ahlroth

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