« Memories for Life »

Premiere May 23rd 2014 in Skorohod Platform, St. Petersburg

A physical multilingual performance about the past and the present, the old and the young.
We do not walk towards death. We do not walk towards getting old. We walk to meet ourselves. We walk to meet our Other Me. Life is like two persons walking towards each other. My old age meets my youth.
Imants Zedonis (Latvian poet, b.1933, d.2013)

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“Memories for Life” invites you into a world of memories and dementia. In an elderly home where the past and the present seem equally real, seven men and women relive their lives and tell you their stories. Stories about people elsewhere unseen, voices elsewhere unheard.

Told through a cast of young european actors, “Memories for Life” is a tale of growing and being old. Merging researched experiences of real life in elderly homes with the inspiring narrative of Homer’s The Odyssey, it is a performance about the stories we tell to define ourselves, and what happens when those stories fall apart. It will give you not only an insight into the world of the elderly today, but also a glimpse of another world that once was. Facing the inevitable human fate of an ageing mind and body, it also tells about the world to come.

“Memories for Life” is the first production of the cooperation-project Meeting the Odyssey, an Adventure Beyond Arts, Myths and Everyday Life in Europe. It is a co-production between Viirus (Finland), NO99 (Estonia), ProFitArt Company (Czech Republic), Scarlattine Teatro (Italy) and Asterions Hus (Denmark). The multilingual performance will be premiered in St Petersburg and tour in Finland and Estonia.

“Memories for Life” is a performance about the forgotten dreams and remembered hopes of elderly people, lived through the bodies of young actors.

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Performance language: English (Danish, Estonian, Slovak
 and Swedish)
Concept and direction: Maria Lundström (Finland)
Producer: Matilda Sundström (Finland)
Choreography: Lenka Vagnerovà (Czech Republic)
Performance dramaturgy: Christoffer Mellgren (Finland)
Music: Robert Kock (Finland)
Visual design: Viviana Rella (Italy)
Costume design: Tyra Therman (Finland)
Light design: Andrea Violato (Italy)
On stage: Maria Ahlroth (Finland), Viktor Idman (Finland), Tilde Knudsen (Denmark), Maria Lundström (Finland), Radoslav Piovarci (Slovenia), Oskar Pöysti (Finland), Jessica Raita (Finland).

Calendar of this production


23-26: St. Petersburg

01: St. Petersburg
02-05: Hoppet St. Petersburg – Hanko
05-13: Hanko
16-19: Tallinn
21-22: Hiiumaa
26-28: Saaremaa


10-11: Leros
16-18-20: Lesbos
25: Lavrio
29: Elefsina

« Waiting for the Rain »

Premiere July 5th 2014 in Opole, Poland

A performance inspired by the fate of Penelope, the wife of Odysseus. About her dreams and work. A performance with live music, dance and objects, performed outdoors.

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Imagine a woman waiting for her man… for twenty years. What are her desires, hopes and fears? How can one deal with such deep loneliness?

Waiting for the Rain is a performance about Penelope – an unusual, strong and mysterious woman. She is the centre of a story that is told without words; a story created by music, movement and relations between actors, dancers, musicians and puppets.

Penelope is surrounded by male characters – relatives, wooers and her own fantasies of her missing husband. Penelope, the abandoned wife of Odysseus in the famous Greek tragedy the Odyssey. The only female figures coexisting with her on stage are the puppets. Those phantoms are reflections of herself and they painfully stress how thin the line is between life and death. The touch of a lifeless mannequin hand shows how inexpressibly hard it is to wait.

This performance is a metaphorical image of Penelope’s interior journey through the world of memories and emotions. The past and the future blur in the act of waiting, where the present does not exist. There is only timelessness, in which the ritual of waiting gives meaning to life.

One of the main ideas of the performance is to present the complicated, ambiguous and undiscovered fortune of Penelope and to show how fascinating and relevant it can be today.

Waiting for the Rain is an international co-production leaded by Opole Puppet and Actor Theatre in the frame of the cooperation-project Meeting the Odyssey: an Adventure Beyond Arts, Myths and Everyday Life in Europe.

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Responsible: Opolski Teatr Lalki i Aktora (Poland)
Co-produced with ScarlattineTeatro (Italy), Viirus Theatre (Finland)
Director: Krystian Kobyłka (Poland)
Puppets, costumes, set design: Eva Farkašová (Slovakia)
Script: Zbigniew Bitka/Krystian Kobyłka (Poland)
Music: Sambor Dudziński (Poland)
Choreography: Jacek Gębura (Poland)
Sound design: Kristian Ekholm
Light design: Andrea Violato


Aleksandra Adamska as Penelope (Poland)
Sambor Dudziński (Poland)
Marco Ferro (Italy)
Hugo Giordano (France)
Miłosz Konieczny (Poland)
Nikos Sevastopoulos (Greece)
Marek Zimakiewicz (Poland)

Calendar of this production


5-12: Opole (Bus Opole – Berlin)
12-20: Berlin (Bus Berlin – Prague)
20-29: Prague (Bus Prague – Lübeck)
30-31: Hoppet Rostock-Copenhagen

01-08: Copenhagen
08-11: Helsingør
11-17: Copenhagen
17-23: Copenhagen – Helsinki

01 : Helsinki


7: Lavrio
10: Skyros
16: Ikaria
22: Ikaria

« landing_an odyssey »

Premiere May 27th 2015 in Milan, Darsena, Italy

landing_an odyssey is the other side of nostos, of homesickness; of the impossibility of recognizing, of being recognized; the other side of being back home after a long absence and restart to love.

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Welcome to Odysseus’ Palace. Or, we’d better say, Penelope’s Palace as Odysseus has been away for twenty years among wars, travels, adventures and gods’ aversions. Penelope and her suitors have transformed the palace into a nightclub and the three old doors only – king’s, queen’s and people’s – are left. Three as the plot levels: the first is an absolute present and the club is central in the relationship between Penelope, the suitors and Odysseus just landed. The core of the scene is the audience, on stage with performers – symbolic and evocative characters who speak the physical theatre language in a continuous sequence of collective actions. The second level is the present focused on the tragic encounter between Odysseus and Penelope. Rage and happiness merge and they are both asked by a new reality to investigate the possibility to recreate a dialogue, a relation. The third level is the memory. Odysseus reminds and the club turns into past images: Trojan war, the Land of the Dead and, again, the encounter with the Sirens. The whole show takes place in one night only. At the end, when the club’s lights turn off and the music fades, Penelope and Odysseus are alone, facing one questions: can time, thoughts, emotions, crystallize for twenty years, waiting for a return? Can dialogue get back to the exact point where it stopped?

Michele Losi

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Production : ScarlattineTeatro, Pleiadi Art Productions (Campsirago Residenza)
In collaboration with : Asterions Hus, Viirus Theater, Regione Lombardia, MTO project
Concept and Direction : Michele Losi (I)
Co-director : Peter Kirk (DK)
Performers : Anna Fascendini (I), Giulietta Debernardi (I), Marco Mazza (I-UK), Martin Ammundsen (DK), Eve Ganneau (FR), Ruth Janssen (UK), Tilde Kundsten (DK), Jaakko Kiljunen (FIN), Riccardo Meneghini (I-UK)
Dramaturgy : Christoffer Mellgren (FIN), Michele Losi (I)
Choreography : Ruth Janssen (UK)
Music : Birgit Lokke (DK), Jesper Siberg (DK)
Costumes : Stefania Coretti (I), Elena Carozzi (I)
Scenography : Anna Turina (I), David Zuazola (ESP/CL)
Technical direction and light design : Andrea Violato (I)
Sound technician : Björn Karlsson (SVE), Lorenzo Caperchi (I)
Stagehand : Viviana Rella (I)
Electrician : Fabrizio Giumarra (I)
Technician : Stefano Pirovano (I)
Producer : Angelica Maran (I),
Producer Assistant : Lisa Dressler (D)

Calendar of this production


27-31: Darsena

5-7: Varenna, Dervio (Lecco Lake)
12-14: Olginate
19-21: Como Lake
28: Camogli

10-12: Malta – Birgu
16-18: Malta – Gozo


30: Elefsina

2-3: Elefsina
12: Skyros
19: Ikaria
24: Ikaria

« Nausicàa, io sono io »

Premiere 4th August 2015 in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy

The theme is about the encounter with the stranger, being stranger, feeling stranger; the encounter with who has the paradoxal feeling of being stranger in his own city, as Pisistero and Evelpide have felt themselves in Aristofane’s “Birds”.

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The performance

“Nausicàa, io sono io” is the fourth production of Meeting the Odyssey, an adventure Beyond Art, Mith and daily life in Europe.
Languages: italian, french, greek, arab, sardinian, occitan.
Subtitles: english, italian, greek, french.
It is a Mise en scene with artists coming from Italy, France, Greek where every actor will use his own language, including minor languages of the three countries.

The theme : what’s going on in the Mediterranean?

The theme is about the encounter with the stranger, being stranger, feeling stranger; the encounter with who has the paradoxal feeling of being stranger in his own city, as Pisistero and Evelpide have felt themselves in Aristofane’s “Birds”.

This is the main theme of our production where, not only one Odysseus, but many “new Odysseus” will show with actions word and images, fragments of some stories gathered during the seven legs of our sailing around Baltic sea in 2014.

Odysseus, at the end of his wandering, will arrive in Pheaceans Land, where aren’t war and where is hosted as a friend. But, Odysseus arrives there alone and without nothing. What could have happened if he was arrived with his soldiers and the 12 warships? How Pheaceans could have reacted?

We want to intersect Odysseus’ stories with the experiences of many people who, instead of going back to their country as Odysseus has done, try to go away in any possible way, crossing seas and borders, facing dangers an bad luck.
Between kill and being killed there is another chanche: staying alive. The escape for a civil person, the desertion for a soldier. This is what is happening in the Mediterranean sea.
Escaping fron the war, escaping from “Troy”, looking for a peaceful place where staying in peace, where there are not war and misery, which is comprehensible: which is right.
The obligation of every human is staying alive, going where a peaceful life is possible.
It is in human nature trying to survive in any possible way.

How could theatre tell the daily tragedy that happens in southern Mediterranean sea?
How is it possible tell the story of thousand drowned people while they were crossing the sea, avoiding a rethorical approach and avoiding extreme tragic approach?
The aim is to collect daily life moments from european women and men and trying to put them together in a theatre performance.

Telling tales in order to collect stories.

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Concept, direction and scenography: Giancarlo Biffi (Cada Die Teatro – Italy)
Assistant director: Alessandro Mascia (Cada Die Teatro – Italy)
Dramaturgic collaboration: Alessandro Lay (Cada Die Teatro – Italy)
Production officer: Barbara Mascia (Cada Die Teatro – Italy)
Music composer: Frédéric Tari (Des Cordes à Mon Art – France)
Costumes: Marilena Pittiu (Cada Die Teatro – Italy)
Lighting design: Giovanni Schirru
 (Cada Die Teatro – Italy
Sound: Giampietro Guttuso (Cada Die Teatro – Italy)

Camille Reverdiau (Les Herbes folles – France)
Francesca Cecala (Scarlattine Teatro – Italy)
Klodiana Camati (Anapoda – Greece)
Mauro Mou (Cada Die Teatro – Italy)
Pierpaolo Piludu (Cada Die Teatro – Italy)
Silvestro Ziccardi (Cada Die Teatro – Italy)

Calendar of this production




4-5: Jerzu
13: Siniscola
14: Olbia
17: Boas Montresta
19-20: Carloforte
22: Sant’Anna Arresi


29/30: Saint-Cyprien

4: Gruissan
9-12: Sète
16-17: Montpellier


25-27: Sesto Fiorentino

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