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Today it’s time for the second performance of “Memories for Life” here at Leros and today the homesickness strucked me. The premiere went very well and there was a warm and connective atmosphere together with the audience. It was amazing to do the performance here, at the beautiful Artemis space, and with the fantastic view over Leros.

Until the premiere all my focus was on getting the performance ready and afterwards it felt a bit empty and I started to miss all the people back home. Especially my 2-year old son and husband. This is the first time I’m away from them for this long and not to be with them and hear their voices and not to be able to hug them feels lonely.

Then I started to think a lot about how priviliged I am that I know that my family is safe at home, I know what they are doing, I can call them every day, I know that I can travel home when I want and my Finnish passport will open the gates. It feels so unfair. The longing I feel now for a fem weeks without my family is nothing compared to what is happening to many families right now.

The need to be together, to have each other, to trust other people and to feel safe is something we all can relate to. And to have the feeling someone cares about you. Many things in our performance get a new meaning here in Greece and with the refugee situation in Europe we are in the middle of now. “Now in the crying storm I pray to hear these winds here nevermore. And same for all who sends away their loved to die on other shores”, Julia sings in the performance.

Two weeks suddely feels like nothing. And I’m thankful for the project and the performance who gives me new perspectives.

Jessica Raita

Jessica Raita

performer in Memories for Life at Viirus Theatre
Jessica Raita

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