Hosting the ship in 2014, Instant performances in 2015

Skorohod is a multifunctional venue for theatre, music performances, contemporary dance, lectures, films, rehearsals and DJ sets.Skorohod proposes an alternative to a traditional repertory theatre. It’s an opened area hosting the latest Art & Performance projects. Our repertoire is really large and diverse from contemporary dance, documentary theatre on out to hip-hop opera. You’ll never see here outdate productions, because Skorohod’s creative endeauvour never ends. Avant-garde and mainstream. St Petersburg, Moscow, Kostroma, Europe, Israel and United States, it doesn’t matter where artists come from, they always have something to say and our audience has a lot of things to see.Skorohod is a recently refurbished (out of an ancient foot-factory) multi-genre arts space located in St Petersburg near Moskovskie Vorota metro station (3 minutes, 107, b. 5 Moskovsky prospect) . The venue has a seating capacity of around 250. The foyer is served by a fully licensed bar and buffet, where you can relax and enjoy a pre-show drink and live music.

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