Scarlattine Teatro


Artistic coordinator, hosting the ship in 2015, artistic direction sbarchi_un’odissea & instant performances 2016

ScarlattineTeatro is a disease. Scarlet fever is infectous, acute, contagious. Multi-faceted. Peculiar to childhood, not only as stated age but also when people are bright-eyed and curious. ScarlattineTeatro was born in 1998, after a training period at Pontedera Teatro, Experimental Theatre Centre in Tuscany. During the first years, between Turin and Milan, we dealt with projects on suburbs and social theatre. Our projects and shows aim at promoting fusion of different art forms to break barriers between theatre, performance, dance, music, visual arts.

ScarlattineTeatro believes that theatre has to catch, to face, to appeal, to seduce, to dazzle, to amaze, to desolate, to cheer, to distress, to consume, to change life. It creates performances which can be set everywhere, following a specific poetic choice which always looks for a new way of creating community. The spectator is a travel mate we want to infect and involve. Since 2004 ScarlattineTeatro has been living in Campsirago, part of the Ecomuseum of Brianza Mountains and Lake District, a secluded spot with a breath- taking view on the valley and the lake. Campsirago Residency means becoming driving force of theatre production and cultural initiatives aimed at protecting and enhancing our territory, suggesting a constant relationship between performing arts and landscape. Il Giardino delle Esperidi Festival, regular calls for artists and companies to support their work, networking glocally and training activities are part of our residential objectives.

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