Per Aspera

per aspera

Hosting the ship in 2014

Per Aspera Productions was formed in 2008 in Berlin Germany, and has since produced more than a dozen original pieces in a diverse range of theater and performance styles.  The work shows an interest in the exploration of new forms, audience-performer relationships, site-specific creations, and a focus on international collaborations. They have won awards, been invited to international festivals, awarded major grants, and toured across Europe.

Per Aspera Productions also handles the artistic direction of Das ehemalige Stummfilmkino Delphi, a former silent film cinema from the 1920’s in Berlin. They are responsible for creating and programming theater, music, film, dance and other events in this beautiful, once forgotten space.

Per Aspera Productions works with a rotating ensemble of artists and team members, on a project-to-project basis. The core team is:

Brina Stinehelfer (New York): Artistic Director,  Nikolaus Schneider (Dresden): Managing Director, Johannes Wille (Berlin): Technical Director.

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