Cada Die Teatro


Hosting the ship in July and August 2015, responsible for Instants 2014 and for the production “Nausicàa, io sono io” 2015.

Cada Die Teatro was founded in 1982 and has 18 members. From 1991 the company has occupied an old glass factory that has converted to a theatre, called Teatro de la Vetreria. It’s aims refers to production, education and every kind of live performances development. Cada Die Teatro is credited by the italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities as a research theatre company. Cada die Teatro’s key activities are :

Production : the company combines the community work and the filed study, with contemporary research. Marginal areas and weak subjects are considered the strengh points in Cada Die Teatro’s experimental vocation. Oral narration and interest in languages and linguistic codes are constant artistic features.

Education : training and work with local community is an important sector, including several dramaturgical and productive projects addressed to young audiences.

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