Hosting the ship in 2016, artists involved in instants 2014 and the production Waiting for the Rain 2014

Performance in Theatro anapoda is defined as a repetitive action of physical transformation that is easily recognized by the viewers. So, the term ‘Theatro’ mainly refers to the space and/or the place where an important event is under contemplation.”Our research in physical practice and movement is realized through the creation and development of meticulous but at the same time flexible body actions. Through this kind of practice the performer can gradually deepen in the relationship between the mechanic of body and the collective work of the actor. We are engaged with a constant and systematic research in several areas of song, movement, text, rhythm and action.”

This research develops accordingly to the interests and needs of those who are involved to every performance. Theatro Anapoda consists of artists with different backgrounds and the practices vary from classical and fictional plays to original performances, installation and performance art. Also, there is a kind of work that is based on the construction and use of materials that are conceptually connected to the performance. It is a kind of theatre that is not usually based so much on the actor’s work but mostly on the space, the materials and the viewer’s participation.

Theatro Anapoda attempts to set questions around contemporary issues through a visual journey and critical discourse.

Tø 13h

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