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Wild is the Wind

14.6.2016 We should obey the nature. Stuck in Ikaria… because of the wind. It’s really different but very healthy to now, at least for a breaf moment live in a reality where the nature actually defines and pushes our limits. Nature is wild. Timeless. It sets the rules of time. It changes our plans. Our…

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New perspectives Many things get a new meaning here

Today it’s time for the second performance of “Memories for Life” here at Leros and today the homesickness strucked me. The premiere went very well and there was a warm and connective atmosphere together with the audience. It was amazing to do the performance here, at the beautiful Artemis space, and with the fantastic view…

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Days in Leros

  Days in Leros are passing by in a good artistic mood. A beautiful week with artist working and sharing art in a magic and calm island will continue with today first show of Memories for life performance.     I feel enthusiastic and full of expectacions. After the midnight reahearsal everyone on the ship…

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Memories for life premiere seen from South of France

Here I am in our Montpellier office surrounded by windows and screens. On my computer screen, I see Memories for life team rehearsing. Through their pictures and facebook posts, I am discovering Skorohod Platform in Russia. I can feel the energy growing towards the premiere that will take place tomorrow, it’s possible to feel it…

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