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Meeting the Odyssey : a social theatre project

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Can Theatre Help You Understand What it Means To Be a Refugee? I recently attended the most emotionally stirring theater experience of the year. I was doing the evaluation of the three-year long Meeting the Odyssey project in Italy. It featured many performances, the most memorable being the refugee themed one, relying on audience participation.…

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Media, souvenirs from the French Tour 2015

French media channel The project was presented by the media channel Kaina TV on the online blog with a full presentation of the meetings, expositions, workshops and of course the “Nausicàa, io sono io” performance.   Meet the Odyssey On Air While the Hoppet was at Sète, Franc LR, has streamed a radio show with…

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Meeting the Odyssey with Lisa Dressler A really nice discussion, a really interesting person

We met Lisa Dressler, the tour manager for the D Tour of the project, on the Hoppet. Lisa welcomes us on board. A really nice discussion, a really interesting person.   What should people follow this project? What element makes it unique? I feel that most people finding us, most people are really curious. Usually,…

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French Tour 2015

August 29, 2015. The journey continues along the French coast, direction? Languedoc-Roussillon. Meeting the Odyssey reaches for once again one of its destination ports. The village of Saint-Cyprien welcomes the Hoppet with loads of smiles and enthusiasm. Once the anchor dropped the public gets on board and discover its history, meets the crew and the…

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Residence at Gallician, Vauvert

It is being almost the end of the residence period in Gallician. A number of things have been runned all over this week. Monday 18th took place the journey at Sète, the historical fishering port town of Languedoc-Roussillon. A sort of door of historical migration. Indeed, it was the migration, yet, some of the topics…

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