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Wild is the Wind

14.6.2016 We should obey the nature. Stuck in Ikaria… because of the wind. It’s really different but very healthy to now, at least for a breaf moment live in a reality where the nature actually defines and pushes our limits. Nature is wild. Timeless. It sets the rules of time. It changes our plans. Our…

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Meeting the Odyssey : a social theatre project

Can Theatre Help You Understand What it Means To Be a Refugee? I recently attended the most emotionally stirring theater experience of the year. I was doing the evaluation of the three-year long Meeting the Odyssey project in Italy. It featured many performances, the most memorable being the refugee themed one, relying on audience participation.…

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Meeting Greece

On a ship again. This time, it is not Hoppet, unfortunately, but a ferry from Astakos to Ithaka. Yes, I am on my way to Ithaka! Together, with Michele, Klodianna, Nicke and Andrea. We will explore the possibilities of doing our Odyssey here in 2016. This is actually the home of Odysseus, his sea! It…

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The first part of the Journey: Saint Petersburg

The first part of the trip took us from St. Petersburg,sailing in the Baltic Sea, between the Finnish islands to Hanko. In this first diary I’m going to write about St. Petersburg, before entering the theme of travel and navigation.…

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