The last tour of Meeting the Odyssey

The last tour of Meeting the Odyssey has ended. We visited Elefsina, Leros, Lesvos, Lavrio, Skyros and Ikaria with three different productions performed 17 times and Instant workshops and dances in each place. 50 artists from all over Europe participated in this year’s tour.
A tour that indeed lived its own life, forcing us to adapt to each place, situation and people over and over again. It was a collective and contemporary Odyssey in every sense. We wish to thank Greece and our hosts and partners in the islands and the Attika Region.

We, the artists of Meeting the Odyssey, dedicate this tour and all the performances to those who, unlike us, are not able to return home nor travel further with the winds. You are the real Odysseuses of today, and we wish you will find shelter in Europe or peace in your country very soon.


Matilda von Weissenberg
Project Manager


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Odyssey project

Meeting the Odyssey er et projekt, hvor en besætning på kunstnere vil sejle over Europa, fra Østersøen til Middelhavet, for at møde folk fra alle baggrunde.Vi vil gøre en nutidig Odyssé ved at nå 20 havne i Europa. Vi skal mødes med tusindvis af mennesker, føre interaktive workshops og skabe teaterproduktioner høj kvalitet der vil afspejle problemer i vores samfund i dag. «Vi ønsker at genfortolke Homers Odysseen ud over dens betydning for vores europæiske rødder, kunst, myter og hverdagsliv ved at indsamle historier fra folk, og gengive historier i en kunstnerisk form.


30 November - 2 December 2016: Final meeting for partners, in Helsinki (Finland).

18 - 20 October 2016: Il racconto di tre anni in viaggio — Museo Interattivo del Cinema, Milano (Italia)

24 July 2016: Landing_an odyssey - Gialiskari, Ikaria (Greece)

22 July 2016: Waiting for the Rain - Profitis Ilias, Ikaria (Greece)

19 July 2016: Landing_an odyssey - Gialiskari — Greece

16 July 2016: Waiting for the Rain - Agio Kirikos - Ikaria (Greece)

12 July 2016: Landing_an odyssey - Skyros — Greece

10 July 2016: Waiting for the Rain - Skyros — Greece

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