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Beginning of the adventure


The freedom of the walk is worth little if we do not have a place to go. We, together, we have a route. What then is a constellation of places and meetings. A modern Odyssey. With a boat, on foot, including a port and a city, is the way to shape thought and action. I…

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Memories for life premiere seen from South of France

Here I am in our Montpellier office surrounded by windows and screens. On my computer screen, I see Memories for life team rehearsing. Through their pictures and facebook posts, I am discovering Skorohod Platform in Russia. I can feel the energy growing towards the premiere that will take place tomorrow, it’s possible to feel it…

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Meeting the Odyssey roots

From Aeschylus to Shakespeare, theatre has had a fundamental role in the formation of humanity. Theatre helps the actors reflect on their passions and on the futility of the violence that never achieves its goals. Theatre is a very powerful tool for the intercultural transmission of a people’s experience; the core of this process is…

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