Regione Lombardia


Regione Lombardia – Italy – Direzione Generale Culture, Identità e Autonomie
Hosting the ship in 2015

Regione Lombardia is the regional government of a dynamic and competitive land, situated in the North of Italy with a population of nearly 10 million inhabitants, distributed over an area of approx. 24,000 square kilometers. Located in a strategic position along the main routes linking eastern and western Europe, Lombardia represents a bridge to the Mediterranean and plays an important role on the international economic scenario.At the institutional level, Regione Lombardia has one President and two assemblies, the Regional Executive Board and the Regional Council. The role of the government authority is to guide, plan, coordinate and control the management of the territory.The whole area is a symbol of modernity and development and features natural treasures of great charm, alongside an extremely valuable artistic and cultural heritage. With more than 360 museums and cultural institutes, over 1.300 public libraries, around 2.000 catalogues of local authorities, 9 World Heritage sites, 69.000 creative and cultural companies, around 1.000 theaters, auditoriums and cinemas, Lombardia has a leading role on the Italian cultural scene.Regione Lombardia has always paid particular attention both to the preservation and enhancement of cultural heritage and to the promotion of cultural events. There are three principal areas of intervention, focused on conservation of cultural heritage and on support and promotion of cultural services and activities.In the field of performing arts Regione Lombardia realizes projects and sustains activities aimed at:- strengthening cultural offer and spreading show programming over the regional territory;- promoting high quality performances among young people;- supporting theatre productions, also fostering events and initiative through which different production realities are given the opportunity to meet and get in contact, in order to create productive synergies and partnerships.Milano, capital city in Lombardia, will hold the Universal Exposition EXPO in 2015 about the theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”.

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