Czech Republic
Hosting the ship 2014, artistic collaboration Memories for life 2014

Production platform established in 2012 by Šárka Pavelková and Joseph Neufus initiated the creative independence of the leading contemporary choreographer and dancer – Lenka Vagnerová. Cooperation of ProFitArt and Lenka Vagnerová & Company focuses on new artistic creations of contemporary dance theatre. Organization’s aiming is mainly on the independent non-verbal , physical contemporary dance theatre. ProFitArt is the main organizer of “Divadelní Odysea” in Prague.In September 2013 Šárka Pavelková starts cooperation with Czech Centers. This co-operation should generate a project NET FOR ART, four-year artistic, educational, social and cultural project to strengthen the capacity of selected leading independent companies of non-verbal and contemporarydance theater in the Czech Republic. “Divadelní Odysea” should be first visible step of the project.

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