Entering Leros with Full Sails

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It is eleven o’clock in the morning. The sun is already burning and my skin is reminding me of the places I failed to sunscreen efficiently yesterday. Reluctantly I pull my sleeve over my arm. No use in challenging the sun any further. I learned my lesson and unlike Icaros I try to be humble. I know not…

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The Theatre Tour Reaches Greece 2016!

It is time for this project to reach its last tour. It is time to set sails and reach the final destination: Greece, the home of Odysseus himself, the origin of so many myths and legends, philosophers and artists. When we planned the Meeting the Odyssey project in 2012, we decided that the last tour…

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Meeting the Odyssey : a social theatre project

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Can Theatre Help You Understand What it Means To Be a Refugee? I recently attended the most emotionally stirring theater experience of the year. I was doing the evaluation of the three-year long Meeting the Odyssey project in Italy. It featured many performances, the most memorable being the refugee themed one, relying on audience participation.…

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