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Thoughts from the First Leg of the Greek Tour by Matilda von Weissenberg, project manager

I am on Hoppet. I am sailing with Hoppet on the Aegean Sea, the most mythical sea in the world. It is a fantastic feeling of course. A feeling of victory to actually be here, with all these crazy people on board. It has been a long way, full of challenges, changes and surprises, both…

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The Theatre Tour Reaches Greece 2016!

It is time for this project to reach its last tour. It is time to set sails and reach the final destination: Greece, the home of Odysseus himself, the origin of so many myths and legends, philosophers and artists. When we planned the Meeting the Odyssey project in 2012, we decided that the last tour…

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Words from Aboard

Kiel, Germany. May 11th 2015 There is an air of expectation on Hoppet this morning. We all woke up at 6 am to have porridge and coffee. Now preparing for departure from the Olympic harbour of Kiel. We are about to enter the Kiel Canal, and this is a historical moment for Hoppet. She has…

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Meeting Greece

On a ship again. This time, it is not Hoppet, unfortunately, but a ferry from Astakos to Ithaka. Yes, I am on my way to Ithaka! Together, with Michele, Klodianna, Nicke and Andrea. We will explore the possibilities of doing our Odyssey here in 2016. This is actually the home of Odysseus, his sea! It…

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