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Convivial Journey in Vauvert

The beginning of the creation residence has started last Monday 18th. Settling a partnership to do so, the Mobile Homme Théâtre has advanced the opening date of the theater festival to make Meeting the Odyssey’s residence in Gallician more visible to the public. Giancarlo Biffi, Alessandro Mascia, Alessandro Lay, Frédéric Tari, Giovanni Schirru, Giampetro Gutusso,…

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Meeting the Odyssey in the IETM Bergamo

The Meeting the Odyssey’s partners had the chance to meet on the IETM meeting, that took place at Bergamo in Italy, during 23rd-26th April. Besides the participation in the activities offered by the IETM, the different organizations engaged in the Meeting the Odyssey project had the opportunity to update each other the state of the…

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Giancarlo Biffi

During a skype meeting two non French language native tried to communicate with each other. Hopefully they did. In this project, it is easy to find people speaking another language which is not their mother tongue. It is rather the rule than the exception in Meeting the Odyssey. Even though it was just a skype…

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