Media, souvenirs from the French Tour 2015

French media channel

The project was presented by the media channel Kaina TV on the online blog with a full presentation of the meetings, expositions, workshops and of course the “Nausicàa, io sono io” performance.


Meet the Odyssey OnFullSizeRender Air

While the Hoppet was at Sète, Franc LR, has streamed a radio show with the technical support of Radio Aviva  and other two radio stations:

Radio Lenga d’Òc and FM+, that animated the show.

Réseau en scène Languedoc-Roussillon, the French partner of the project, was as always present, as long as the artists and even the crew of the Hoppet!

A wonderful show in Occitan, French and English that you can listen online!


The reportage

TV Sud a web portal for information focusing on the South of France, made a beautiful documentary on the project that you can also watch online, during the residence of the Hoppet at Gruissan.

Amazing Tour, common souvenirs to keep!

Thank you all, à bientôt !

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