French Tour 2015

August 29, 2015.

The journey continues along the French coast, direction? Languedoc-Roussillon. Meeting the Odyssey reaches for once again one of its destination ports.

The village of Saint-Cyprien welcomes the Hoppet with loads of smiles and enthusiasm. Once the anchor dropped the public gets on board and discover its history, meets the crew and the artists. For few days the public has the chance to visit the Hoppet and be part of the Meeting the Odyssey crew.

This unique residence closes with two performances, on August 29 and 30. The public fills the hall room, in Alénya, in both performances, giving the warmest welcome to the artists in France.


And this is just the begging. September 1, the Hoppet sails to Gruissan.

During the residence, the artists meet the public that follows every event of the Meeting the Odyssey.

The hall room is full once again, the exposition is plenty of visitors, and of course the Hoppet is filled with thrilled passengers that want to discover every single detail of its history.

What’s more? A marine carpentry workshop, hosted by real mariners seduced the young and the elderly.

What about the performances? “Nausicàa io sono io” had the very widest support.

The discussions that followed filled us with great delight and gave us important feedback: « Too much Italian, we didn’t understand all dialogues…. », but also « the language barrier didn’t bother me at all! I feel very moved, excellent… ».

Food for thought, indeed, in every language!


September 6, another port for the Hoppet, always south.

The Meeting the Odyssey arrives at the city of Sète.

Plateau radio


The MTO meets the Instants, another important project working with women and their experiences, inspired also by the myth of Odysseus and more precisely by the Sirens.

A radio show was broadcasted and dedicated to the MTO project, thanks to local radio station partners, Radio Aviva, Radio Lenga d’Òc, Radio Plus. A wonderful experience for the artists and the project coordinators in English, Occitan and French!

The public continues to support this adventure and the 5 performances that are held, give us the opportunity to receive a very positive feedback as it is very well received. Public commentaries? « A theatrical piece that is necessary actually!… »




We owe a big thank you to all visitors, technicians and contributors in every stage.

The Hoppet leaves Sète on September 17 and this time we are heading for Montpellier, for another 2 performances of “Nausicàa io sono io”, on September 16 and 17!

À Bientot,εις το επανιδείν!

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