Residence at Gallician, Vauvert


It is being almost the end of the residence period in Gallician. A number of things have been runned all over this week. Monday 18th took place the journey at Sète, the historical fishering port town of Languedoc-Roussillon. A sort of door of historical migration.

Indeed, it was the migration, yet, some of the topics that was reraised during the journey in the town. It is, indeed, some of themes that keep present in Meeting the Odyssey project. In connection with the Mediterraneam Sea, a scenario of thouthands of year of this historical human reality. The Mediterraneam town of Sète is still a witness of this, and in a way, the journey of the artistic team was paying tribute to this dymension of the human-being.

The artists could have a first contact of the town where they are going to spend 10 days next September. In there, there was the occasion for the director of Languedoc-Rossillon Cinéma, Ghiyati Karim, to present a view of the town through small fragments of films shot in the town. Inside the cinema Le Palace, in front of the eyes of the artistic guests were being displayed fragments of the movies that were having the town of Sète as a scenario. The titles were ranging from Bellamy, Les Plages d’Agnès, La graine et le mulet, Face à la mer, to the serial Candice Renoir.

Later on, the journey went by the Maison del’Image Documentaire where the team had the change to see the expositions of Edward S. Curtis and Jérome Brezillon, and Stéphane Lavoué in the frame of the festival Images Singulières.

The day after, it was launched the first offical press of Meeting the Odyssey in Languedoc-Roussillon, where the board of Réseau en scène Languedoc-Roussillon made official that the project has set the wheels in motion in the region, by settling also a skype connection with Brussels, Belgium, in a parallel event linked to the project.

Leena Björkqvist, a researcher from Finland, has dropped in Montpellier Wednesday 27th to carry out a base-on-interviews evaluation of the project in Gallician.

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