Convivial Journey in Vauvert


The beginning of the creation residence has started last Monday 18th. Settling a partnership to do so, the Mobile Homme Théâtre has advanced the opening date of the theater festival to make Meeting the Odyssey’s residence in Gallician more visible to the public.

Giancarlo Biffi, Alessandro Mascia, Alessandro Lay, Frédéric Tari, Giovanni Schirru, Giampetro Gutusso, Camille Reverdiau, Francesca Cecala, Klodiana Camati, Mauro Mou, Pierpaolo Piludu, Silvestro Ziccardi have travalled from different places to meet in Gallician and develop Nausicàa, io sono io performance (

Great Time in Vauvert.

Indeed, it was such a glocal -international and local- meeting, where there were many local people from the commune of Vauvert. The commune that sponsored the previous happening. There were many people from the commune, even the Major was around during the international lunch, welcoming the board and artistic team of Meeting the Odyssey, who were working in a creative workshop camp in the facilities in the Gallician village.

The journey went by the Vauvert library, where we could find many local people in a traditional handicraft workshop surrounded bull heads in the library hall, commemorating of the bullfights.

The journey payed off. Later on, the artists will be working till late at night, planning the performance in a very limited time, in several languages, since it is going to be travelling over the Mediterranean basin. Till then, it was the ocassion to rest a bit, have fun, and get to know some people from Languedoc-Roussillon.

Theater directors, actress and actors share a common space to rest. They sleep in Mas Beata, a huge old residence located in the vineyards, olive and fruit trees, situated at the Petite Camargue; in the triangle Nîmes, Arles, and Aigues-Mortes. Not far from the Mediterranean waters.

During the 25 people lunch there was an ocassion to give some speeches, and remind the attenders about the crowdfunding campaing (

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