Interview to Michele Losi

Michele 2



How did you first heart on Meeting the Odyssey?

  ‘I was the one who invented and wrote down the project, with Matilda Sundstrom. So in a way it is a dream that is now true’.

What is your role? Which are your responsabilities?

‘I’m the artistic coordinator of the project and this year I will direct the performance Landing_an odyssey’.

What do you expect from this project?

‘I expect to share with a large group of people/audience the general idea of MTO, that at the end is to built and share a constellation of possible identity starting from the instant and the main performance work’.
On a more personal note, what does it has transmitted to you?

‘I’m changing my idea of what Europe is. Much more complicate than what I thought before. And at the same time the possibility to share a great professional experience with others professionals. This is a lot like artistic, political and human experience’.
Michele Losi
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