The Mediterranean Sea, a Cradle of Humanity

The Mediterranean sea which joins us by dividing us” a close friend of mine used to say. A dear friend no longer with us.

The same sea, the Mediterranean Sea, today is a fortress, a barrier, an obstacle tear human beings apart from.

The same sea, the Mediterranean Sea, today is a cemetery for perforce travelers who need to leave, with nothing more than a luggage full of hope and desperation.

The same sea, the Mediterranean Sea, today is the cemetery of European humanity. This happens too often and I wonder if Europe is emptying herself of her noble significance as “cradle of Humanity”.

This happens too often but not all the time.

Meeting the Odyssey is the trip I am ready to undertake as a new sailor of ScarlattineTeatro crew at Campsirago Residenza.

First of all in my mind, with a personal nostos started at the organizational meeting in Campsirago Residenza 

This heroic and crazy project, a project that for me is just at the beginning, is indeed at its second stage. I like to think at this stopover like a way to transform the Mediterranean Sea in a meeting theater through art, culture, and beauty. On board of this sailboat – Hoppet –, that with its name, “hope”, it is not only a mean for a message but itself the message.

And the Mediterranean Sea, hopefully, this summer will join us and it will return to be – at least for an instant – a cradle of Humanity.



Responsabile comunicazione e teatro-scuola at ScarlattineTeatro - Campsirago Residenza
- 2 years ago

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