The Hoppet Puts Out to Sea


The scene takes place in Southern Europe. The Hoppet puts out to sea. It sails from its port base in Tallinn, Estonia. It will take a long run all through the Baltic Sea and Atlantic coast, before it gets in the Mediterranean waters. The songs about Odysseus’ adventures will echo for once again. The arrangements behind the stage started long ago.

Around mid-January, Giancarlo Biffi, the artist director of Cada die Teatro (Sardinia, Italy), visited Montpellier, France, to carry out a casting for the performance Nausicaa, Io sono io, and set a first contact with the renowned French composer Frederic Tari, whose music will accompany the performance.

While the Hoppet is already sailing in all participants’ minds, the European meetings have no end in Montpellier. Many Meeting the Odyssey (MTO) partners have travelled to Campsirago, Colle Brianza, in Italy, to keep coordinated and updated the MTO 2015 project putting the finishing touches on the logistic, communication, and administrative coordination team of the tour.

It remains two months for the Hoppets’ depart, where the last word remains in.

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