Giancarlo Biffi

During a skype meeting two non French language native tried to communicate with each other. Hopefully they did. In this project, it is easy to find people speaking another language which is not their mother tongue. It is rather the rule than the exception in Meeting the Odyssey.

Even though it was just a skype interview, Giancarlo Biffi showed himself as a smiling person, radiating art, theater and culture when talking to him.

Giancarlo explained he first heart on Meeting the Odyssey by his colleague Michelle Losi, another great figure of the project. He was in Sardinia when Michelle told him about this idea; he had at project at hand. Something big, something international. Something that demands not only a lot of work to do but also a great conception.

Later on, once already engaged in Meeting the Odyssey he has carried out the seven out of eight Instants which took place in the Baltic Sea. He begun in Saint Petersburg, in Russia, and has stepped in Ucrania, Estonia and Poland, among others. Mainly working as a theater director, he loved the idea of being working on the figure of the cyclop Polyphemus, a creature who actually see the world from just one place, developing the idea of gazing the world as cyclop, from just one eye, and not as mortals do, with both eyes.

It was in the Baltic Basin where he found a sort of a meeting with himself. At this place he were told stories and concerns that brought him to old conversations with his grandparents on the World War II. He mentioned that the collage of humanity found there was pretty the same as in the South, in Italy, making him thinking about our similiraties rather than our differences. People, indeed, with the same worries and gestures. He concluded briefly.

This year, on the contrary, he will be in charge of the Nausica, io sono io performance at the South, with the Hoppet in Sardinia. He produces in less than a month time a workshop of just a week duration in Galician, France. Again, with people from all over the world.

By ultimating his preparations, he mulled over the heritage of the project. He came up with the idea that this could not be just an international project belonging to several nations, but a project property of the entire humanity. Within the project, he has relied on the collaboration with people coming from beyond the borders of the continent. From Japan, for example.

During the meeting, Giancarlo gave to the conversation a more personal dymension. For him, Meeting the Odyssey fights in a way against nationalism. Then, he accompanies this battle working for the multiculural Europe. The Europe of different cultures, languages and nations. He remarked the great number of languages he found while travelling for the project conception and elaboration. Not just in Europe, but even in his own country.

By answering to the question of what so far the project has transmitted to him, he answered that it is still too early, and a very hastic year. He believes he will made his conclusions when everything is done. But what he is sure of is that it will be no end to this adventure. Strong relations are being building up, and those relations will keep over the time. What he is sure about is that, to a more personal note, he has discovered new cultures, new creative meetings and manifestations. Indeed, many elements that cannot just find an end. For him, Meeting the Odyssey could be the seed for future collaborations and performances.

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