Meeting Greece


On a ship again. This time, it is not Hoppet, unfortunately, but a ferry from Astakos to Ithaka. Yes, I am on my way to Ithaka! Together, with Michele, Klodianna, Nicke and Andrea. We will explore the possibilities of doing our Odyssey here in 2016. This is actually the home of Odysseus, his sea!

It is end of September and the sun is perfect. No clouds, very little wind, a blue blue sea, only interrupted by green islands full of cypresses and olives and wine. This is a paradise.

Yesterday, we visited Epidavros, and we saw the most perfect and biggest amphi theatre ever. 18000 people can sit outside on ancient rocks, with an incredible view and sound of the stage. I could never imagine this, even if Michele had told me about it several times. The Epidavros Festival use the stage every summer, otherwise it is an archeological site, possible to visit for any tourist. You can try the stage and the seats, but you are not allowed to perform anything from a written play or even the lyrics of a song, unless you have the permission. This we noticed because Klodianna was reciting something to test the sound of the theatre for us, but she was interrupted by the guard.

In Athens, we focused on Pireaus and Elefsina, two port municipalities of Athens. The problem is of course the money, as always. Greece is a little better off now than two years ago, but still the crisis is very present. “Yes, we can support, but not with money” was the usual answer, and it is totally understandable, given the situation. Still, we need to find some financial support from Greece in order to make this happen in 2016.

I’m not worried, I know it will all become true. In one way or another. In two years, we will sail on these beautiful waves on board the most beautiful ship: Hoppet. And we will meet villages, people, audience, from the part of Europe we all somehow can thank for our culture and knowledge. We will give them our performances, our love and our thoughts. Symbolically, I am very attracted by this plan. In practice, wow, there is a lot to do! To find venues or even stages where we can perform. To find ports where Hoppet can stay. To plan a schedule, taking into account the meltemia wind, the greek timing mentality, ferry timetables that probably will change, municipality answers that will change even more, and other factors that eventually will make all plans worthless…

So no, I am not worried at all. Let the adventure continue.


[ Somewhere between Kefalonia and Ithaki, Greece ]


General Manager and Projecy Manager at Viirus
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