Meeting another Odyssey Helsingør, Denmark

03-IMG_4823Reaching Copenhagen in the most beautiful weather, all sunburnt, with salty water on our skin. 18 people on Hoppet, feeling dizzy after a fantastic sail from Rostock.

Turning the corner to get into the harbor of Asterions Hus, we soon hear the sound of horns. It almost felt like the sound came from the other ships in the harbor, but soon we realized it was the people of the theatre welcoming us. First we shouted, greeted, then we went silent, listening to the great improvised music from the shore. The landing was long, as we had to turn the ship. The music kept following the whole procedure, creating a sort of a ritual feeling. Nice. Sambor was playing improvised percussion on deck, he couldn’t resist the temptation.

We come ashore, we are hugging each other, welcomed by the greatest committee, feeling happy.

We come to the bunker on the back yard of the theatre building. And we are invited to see the exhibition Constellations by Franck Pourcel. Still overwhelmed by the time at sea and the beautiful welcome, we stumble into the dark rooms, and find a world of lonely Odysseuses. The photos of Franck Pourcel are so strong. They tell about the immigration from North Africa to Europe. They tell about the walls in Israel-Palestine, Cyprus and other places. They tell about people around the Mediterranean Sea. And I cried when I sat there in the bunker, cause I felt very strongly the enormous difference between our Odyssey and their Odyssey. We can choose where we go and when. We can make art while traveling. We can be together, creating a community and a team while traveling. And most of all, we can go home if and when we want to. The Odyssey they are doing is an one of despair and loneliness. They are traveling without a choice. And their way home is longer than they dare to think about, cause their mind has to be focused on surviving and getting somewhere.

So it was just right, this combination of Odysseys. Cause it reminded us of the unfairness of the world and the idea of doing the project. Thank you Franck Pourcel and Teaterøen for letting us experience this exhibition and for welcoming us so wonderfully.



General Manager and Projecy Manager at Viirus
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