Waiting for another beginning Finnish Archipelago



Delphi Theater in Berlin

We are sailing on finish archipelago towards our last stop in Helsinki. It’s a good time to sum up some thoughts. Looking back on our journey learned me a lot, including great work with Jacek, creating show in an international cast and even how to manage on ship. It gave me a lot of great moments, seeing very emotional feedback from the audience after the show in each city. Meeting the Odyssey in Opole was a huge event. Reactions of the audience were really touching and some kind new for me, because I’m used to play for children.

Than the tour has started.
Week in Berlin — each of us immediately fell in love with that city (thanks to Brina). In my opinion The Delphi Theater was the best place to perform “Waiting For The Rain”. We can feel the spirit of that place. Voice of Ola and Sambor’s music fits perfectly with that space of old silent cinema.

Praha — completely different city, but it also stole our hearts (not the first time). It was a challenge to fit the show on a boat but “Waiting”… gained new cameral quality.
Travel to Rostock and first sail. It wasn’t easy to change modern and cozy hotel for a ship. Not everybody had to like it. Unexpectedly we found Hoppet during a walk in the harbor, the night before we moved there. We were very impressed about it. I already know that the first sail is one of the most beautiful experience in my life. We called this ship our One million star Hotel after spending a night on the deck. In those days we found the meaning of our Odyssey. I didn’t expect that it would have had such a huge positive impact on our relations in team. I didn’t even noticed when we started to considered Hoppet as our home and being so attach to this place.

Kopenhagen — the welcoming was breathtaking, goosebumps all over my body. We didn’t know yet that we will have so many adventures in that place. Not only fun ones. Anyway it made us even closer to each other and our Odyssey became really important.

Helsingor — another unexpected experience. It was the first time in my life that we had to stop the show. Ola’s accident was fortunately not so serious and Penelope was brave and able to finish the show. Young people watching “Waiting For The Rain” didn’t realize that it wasn’t fake blood. All the more so they were impressed after the show.

Than we get back to Kopenhagen again to take part in Asteroiden Festival. Peter and Tilde create a wonderful event.  I don’t remember when I have had seen so many great performances in one place. We were really honored to perform in that great company. I will surely remember the unique atmosphere, giant bonfire and spontaneous night jam sessions with Sambor and other international guests of Teateroen
When we heard about storm in the forecasts, we thought it’s a bad luck for this tour. Hoppet had to leave earlier and we became homeless for a few days. Finally after a nice travel we catch up our floating home in Marienhamn.

Now we are sailing again and it’s the best time to think about what already happened. I didn’t know what to expect about this project. It’s not an ordinary tour, it doesn’t happen often. I am surprised how many mystical moments it gave me. I didn’t know them before. This tour without Hoppet would be empty. It might not had a big influence on the show but for sure it had a inherent spiritual impact on this Odyssey and people that met on this ship.

We are sailing still and I constantly can’t believe that it happened to me. Waiting for another beginning, it’s not the end.




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