Some Waves

MFL_Hiiumaa-7376Yesterday night after the last performance in Kuressaare we got quite an impressive weather to deal with.We did not hoist any sails, just tried to get as quick as possible by engine to the port of Rohukylä where Rado, Tilde and Helena would get off and get a bus to Tallinn.
It was raining the whole night, more or less. The wind got more and more force and was up to 12 m/s. The waves were really tricky and Hoppet was rolling on them in a way that could make anyone seasick, at least under deck.

Most people went to sleep before 2 a.m. I stayed up, mainly because I realized my cabin was full of sleeping kids and all other cabins were occupied as well. I realized I didn’t have a place to sleep, and I was not tired either. On deck the view was beautiful, in many ways. When Hoppet got on top of the big waves, there was just these amazing moment of flying before diving, of rolling rolling rolling. But inside, under deck, the glasses were moving in the cupboards, the fridge content was dancing around on its own and the benches and all loose things were going from one side to the other. And then we all heard a heavy sound and many people got out of their cabins. What happened? We quickly realized the sound had come from deck and hurried out. The rain was really hard, the wind was not beautiful anymore. You could not stand up straight or walk without holding on to something. The flight cases with technical equipment and the pieces of set design that we had loaded and fastened on board had managed to get away from the ropes and was moving. That was the sound we had heard! Rado and Utu were trying to fasten them again. At the same time we looked up and saw one of the top sails had come off. So Rauno had to climb up the mast to get it back. We knew he would make it of course. Still the conditions were really not favorable and we were relieved when he came back down.

I went back under deck to check on the kids. Adrian was sleeping in Aslak’s cabin, and when I checked on him he just laughed and said: Hey, this is nothing! Good, I thought, he is ok. I checked on the girls in our cabin; they were seasick and quickly started vomiting one after the other. After a while Nicke started dressing them to get up on deck. I could not wait for them because I also started to feel sick if I was under deck without lying down, so I waited for them upstairs. Finally we got them out up in the rain, and they immediately started to feel better.

At this point I was quite tired. It was 6 or 7 am and I had been awake all night except a couple of hours trying to sleep in the cabin of the crew (they were steering the ship so the cabin was empty). Now, with the girls up on the deck I found my own cabin was finally empty and I got three hours of wonderful sleep.

It was our fight, our biggest challenge so far with the sea and the weather. Looking back on it, I am just happy about it. Happy that we can experience the feeling of being in the hands of someone or something else. Nature or some other being, I have no idea, but a ship on a stormy sea doesn’t have much choice; to continue or not continue. And this feeling was the same even in the times of Odysseus himself. So thanks Poseidon, even for the wicked waves that carried Hoppet for a while.

On board Hoppet, somewhere on the Finnish Bay



General Manager and Projecy Manager at Viirus
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