An Inland Odyssey Visiting the second tour

After the first tour, I had a small break. Spent some time with my kids, at the island in the archipelago in Finland. Pretended to have some days of holiday. Then off to Opole, the place where the second production, “Waiting for the Rain”, had its premiere a week ago.

Waiting for the rain 2

Aleksandra Adamska in “Waiting for the Rain”

Again a new place, a new context, new arrangements and new people. A whole festival of workshops, conferences, performances, discussions and boat trips created by the team in Opole. I was so impressed by how far they had taken the themes of the Odyssey, the project idea, and used it for their own city and region in the smartest ways. The workshops for kids about the waiting of Telemachus, the workshops for adults, both young and old, about the fate of Penelope and the roles of women and men, the sociology conference on emigration. All linked to the project in one way or another, all very local and relevant for the people in Opole. This is I guess a prime example of how an international artistic project can be used on a local and social level.

The Odyssey is moving on. I am now sitting in the minibus to Berlin. The speed is somewhat different from Hoppet’s, but an Inland Odyssey is just as unpredictable and interesting as a Sea Odyssey, and the happenings in each place just as important and fantastic.



General Manager and Projecy Manager at Viirus
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