Beginning of the adventure

WaitingThe freedom of the walk is worth little if we do not have a place to go.

We, together, we have a route. What then is a constellation of places and meetings. A modern Odyssey. With a boat, on foot, including a port and a city, is the way to shape thought and action.

I am happy to take part in this departure. As Walter Benjamin in Paris, I feel the need to get lost and wander to understand, and then understand myself.

If you’re always on “your” side you will never understand anything I said. And in these complicated days, when an economic crisis adds a political and military crisis, a crisis that has split before the North and the South of Europe, now again the East and the West, the testimony of our artists travel, without national or ideological barriers, it is even more crucial. The crushing of the companies in which we have lived comfortable, since World War II to the present, is nothing more than a passing sense that the particular becomes universal.

We have the ability to question ourselves on our Odyssey. The journey man who leaves his birthplace to venture into the world , exposed to mistakes, pitfalls and falls back but finally , like Odysseus , home grown and matured , full of all the experiences and sufferings faced the long journey and losers , interviewed and endorsed by its individuality.

Or perhaps our Odyssey today is another. It is the eternal nomadism of Musilian character who moves towards ever new constellations and interpretations of being, who throws and designs forward, changing its appearance and nature, leaving no children or heirs behind him.

The biggest revelation is that which makes us discover how we exist outside in the external reality, the water that reflects our image and look that collects and preserves , in the memory and feelings of others, that we keep and save in heart.

Every man feels, as in Dante and Borges , he had received and lost an infinite thing and unrecoverable . It is the intuition of his identity , of that indefinable empty and impersonal we are made of . But as Asterion , the Borges’s Minotaur , we have learned that time is a river that carries us  but that we are that river. Nor do we know the truth of this manual to help us. Life as a whole to each, but almost everyone ignores it.

The walk has created paths, roads, trade routes. He founded cities and ports , produced maps and an extensive library of short stories and poems . The pace of the pass, the rolling of the ship, it generates a kind of rhythm of thinking. You lose the distinction between self and landscape, between the world and the individual.

Nowadays almost always live in a variety of interiors: home , car, plane , office, theatr, shops. Disconnected from each other. On foot, by ship, because everything is connected by walking , or surfing , dealing with space and time between these interiors in the same way they are dealing with the same interior . We live in the world rather than in the interior made ​​to exclude it . When we allow ourselves to places, they give us back to ourselves more and get to know them , the more you sow the invisible mirage of memories and associations that will be there waiting for us when we return. While new sites will offer us new thoughts and new opportunities. Exploring the world is one of the best ways to explore the mind and walk along both the land . In all Indo-European languages ​​, there are clear links between the noun NOOS , which means mind – thought, and NOSTOS , which means return . The claim is that returning home is the return to the light from the darkness. In fact, Odysseus embodies the two things simultaneously : the ingenuity of man and his desire to return home. We know how the journey Odysseus became different. It was no longer the sly fox who had devised the deception of the Horse, nor the king of a tribe of shepherds. He had seen the destruction of Troy and the cruelty of his . He was in love with Circe, who turned men into swine , and had known the mercy of Nausicaa . He had fled from the island of the Cyclops, hiding her real name. He had himself tied to the mast in order to hear the siren song without jumping into the sea. In short, it was no longer the same. Nor Ithaca was the one he had left , and dreamed much wandering . And for all these reasons, I can not help thinking that the freedom of travel is worth little if we do not have a place to return to , even if changed, even if the place changed . And that the ultimate meaning of travel and discovery is all wrapped up in the meeting with the multitude of people and with the difference of landscapes and cultures, what is different from us and does not belong to our daily horizon . Climb over your limits and exit the horizon daily , meet the world and always give a new meaning in it, I think this is the underlying thread of this our crazy, common and contemporary Odyssey.

Michele LOSI

Michele LOSI

General Manager and artistic director for Mediterranean at Scarlattine Teatro
Michele LOSI

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