One year and a half ago I was asked to go to Helsinki for a working meeting in order to write Meeting the Odyssey application.
After 7 hours flying from Montpellier (France), then 3 hours driving and let’s say 1 hour boating (yes boating …) I arrived on an island in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere, to be honest I don’t even remember the name of the island I finally reached.
This was the first surprise and my first adventure during this project!
This island is where we spent a week with Matilda and Michele trying to imagine and frame this crazy project. This meeting was important for me professionally speaking. At that time, I discovered what “to cooperate” means. I really experienced the opportunity to work with new colleagues, new approaches, other methods of work. It was both surprising and disturbing sometimes but I really liked the idea of being « shaked » like that. It really helps to change perspectives and of course to think about your own habits and the way you see things…
Since then, already a year has passed, we had so many meetings, we are still getting to know each others, fortunately we understand more and more how to move all together in the same direction to make this project a successful journey.
The more I am working on this project the more I realize that « Meeting » seems to be one the key work of this project. Meeting the partners, meeting artists, meeting citizen, and meeting yourself on the way.
Few days ago, the three of us presented Meeting the Odyssey project to our european peers during the IETM plenary meeting that took place in Montpellier. In the audience, were our partners from Malta , Russia and Italy. I think that we all shared a common pride and pleasure to present Meeting the Odyssey in public. It’s too rare and it’s a chance when we can manage to be all together in the same room!





Cooperation project coordinator at Réseau en scène Languedoc-Roussillon

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